The Affiliate Funnel System by Saj P

Perhaps you’re like me, been making money on the internet for quite a while, or maybe you’re a “newbie”, someone interested in starting an internet business. I’ve found the best way to earn money is through finding a system and then repeating that system to promote various products. A “rinse and repeat” process if you will.

For me, there are three basic steps in finding and promoting a product on the internet:

Step One: Finding a product

Sounds simplistic, but there’s actually a science to this and your entire effort will be lost if you choose a poor product. So, how do you find a quality product? Well, firstly you want to find something without a lot of competition. You may be an expert on dating or cars, but in reality to compete in those areas would be nearly impossible. But if you were to build a website around “car parts for 1968 mustangs” you might have some good success. The term is “long tail keywords” Think of your own internet searches–you generally don’t type in just one word, but a phrase describing the information or product you’re seeking clickfunnels pricing review.

A second important point about finding profitable products is so find out what people are actually willing to buy. There may be millions of searches for a popular actor but not a lot of sales generated from those searches. One of the best ways to find a good product to promote is to check out amazon’s marketplace, they rate products by popularity. Also check out paypal shops, they indicate the stores that are making sales–and also have a lot of niche products from which you can get ideas.

Step 2: Another piece of the puzzle is to create web pages that convert. The current thinking calls for three types of webpages: Review pages, opt-in pages and squeeze pages. A squeeze page allows a person to sign up for a free report or product in exchange for their e-mail address. Make sure you use a quality service like aweber or get response so you won’t be accused of spam. If you’re new at building webpages you can get a free website builder called NVU–just search for NVU website editor and download the software. No coding is required and it’s really easy to use.

Step 3: Getting Traffic: Traffic is of course important to your website if you’re going to make sales. The easiest way to get traffic is through pay per click(ppc). Google is the most popular, but you must be careful using them, you can run up a big bill in no time. Better to start small, bid low and optimize your webpages to get their best ad rate. Don’t forget about yahoo and msn, they also offer PPC ads. Social networking is a great way to get your site noticed, and can also lead to free traffic. If you have a wordpress site submit your RSS feed to the popular rss services such as feedagg, feedage and more. Just search for rss service and you’ll find a bunch. If your site doesn’t have rss, you can create one with dapper. Create your feed with dapper then submit your rss. This is a great way to get free traffic and get your site noticed by the search engines.

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