Date a Hot Stripper – Tips to Set Yourself Apart From the Others

Many guys dream of dating a stripper. For some it is the challenge of dating a woman that it typically not to be touched for fear of being drip kicked by a bouncer while for others it is a sincere desire to date one particular woman that they find attractive not only physically but for who she is.

If you have decided that you want to date a stripper though you are going to have to overcome a few obstacles and set yourself apart from all the other guys that she sees every night. You need to be unique but I am going to share with you a few tips that can help you to come off as the type of guy that any stripper will want to get to know better.

Hang Out At The Bar – Don’t hang out with all the other guys throwing dollar bills at the girls and getting lap dances from all the other dancers. She dances for a living and if you’re getting lap dances from other girls she isn’t going to feel very special is she?

Instead hang out at the bar or just sit an enjoy the show if there isn’t a bar at the strip club that you go to. Yes, it’s OK to get a lap dance from her but do talk with her. Compliment her on her dancing or ask her how she is doing Male Strippers. Strippers do take their work seriously and it does take great skill to be able to dance.

Look Her In The Eye – Try to overcome the male impulse to look at her body. Smile and look her in the eye as you talk with her. Most strippers will notice if you look them in the eye and this eye to eye contact shows that you do appreciate her as a human being and that you aren’t looking at her as just an object.

Conversation – As much as keen conversation skills are with any woman, it is particularly important that you be good at striking up a conversation with a stripper if you ever hope to date her. Try to avoid topics such as how she got into stripping, if she likes stripping, if she’s working her way through college stripping and stuff like that. These are topics that every guy asks her.

Instead ask her about her life. Ask her where she is from and what she did over the weekend or what she plans on doing this weekend. Ask her if she has any hobbies or what she likes to do for fun. She may be resistant to talking about such things but if you can share a little bit about yourself you might be able to get her to come out of her shell.

Dating a stripper can be a challenging task since these women get hit on all day long. Every guy thinks that he’s in love with them but for most strippers the guys that come to strip clubs are simply not dating material. But if you can separate yourself from the herd you stand a pretty good chance of dating a stripper.

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